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So, how did it get started? In the summer of 2020, two old friends, met at a local café after many years apart. They exchanged news, reminiscing about the good old days, but also discussed their current situations and plans. Both had spent the past decade carving out successful individual careers — in tech and in marketing. Yet, both felt an itch to do something different, something daring, something of their own, probably gambling-related. That’s because both are into this entertainment industry and realize how critical the reputation of a successful platform or operator is.

Thus, they decided to combine their expertise and start a new venture together. As avid casino enthusiasts, they had observed the burgeoning online gambling sector and saw an opportunity to create a casino affiliate company.

Starting from scratch, the partners did everything themselves, from developing the website to cultivating relationships with online casinos. The process took a lot of hard effort, long hours, and tireless dedication. But their passion kept them going. Their company, iGaming Awards Club, was born in 2021, providing unbiased reviews of online gambling platforms and offering exclusive deals to its users.

Revenue generation was challenging in the company’s first year due to intense competition on the market. But the founders remained resilient, constantly tweaking their strategies. They bolstered their expert content, honed their marketing strategies, and strengthened their relationships with iGaming partners.


Within their second year, iGaming Awards Club started seeing significant growth. Their audience began to expand, gambling operators were more willing to partner, and incomes started to climb. Recognizing the need for expansion, they made their first few hires, bringing in specialists for SEO, content creation, and customer service.

Soon, our success spread like wildfire, attracting the attention of both players and casinos alike. The website’s user-friendly interface, reliable and impartial reviews, and exclusive deals made it a preferred choice for gambling lovers. This led to increased traffic and, subsequently, a surge in revenue.

So, now iGaming Awards Club is a rising star in the world of casino affiliation.The two-man operation has grown to an efficient team of 19 experts in their fields. They had a diverse array of talents onboard, including talented web developers, professional content creators, SEO experts, and customer service representatives.

The small café meet-up had blossomed into a powerful company with a reputable brand, a solid client base, and substantial revenues. iGaming Awards Club’s journey is a testament to the power of friendship, determination, and an entrepreneurial spirit. And as our founders continue to thrive in the fast-paced world of online gambling, they never forget where they started: two friends with a shared passion, a local café, and a dream of doing something unique.

Our Traffic Types

With our partnership, you may reach over 300 first-time deposits monthly, originating from our popular casino review websites in Tier-1 GEOs. Our websites have been increasing on over 10% monthly. This upward trend shows our expansive reach and enduring appeal, visibility and superior returns for our partners.


We can provide 500+ non-fraud FTD from our mobile apps. It's making us your ideal partner for sustainable growth your casino revenue. This has further diversified our user base, establishing our presence in the rapidly growing market of mobile casino enthusiasts.