SCCG Management Partners with Globe Gaming to Expand Global Reach

SCCG Management has gone and partnered up with Globe Gaming! For those not in the know, Globe Gaming advises different gambling companies, especially ones involved with sports betting and casinos. They’ve got a really soft spot for making deals happen between European football clubs and gambling partners.

So what’s this mean for SCCG? They’ll be backing Globe as they keep on growing across Europe. And that helps SCCG get more influence in those areas too.  

Wayne Stevenson, the head of Globe, is happy about the arrangement. Called SCCG the number one advisory firm in the world — high praise! Working together opens up a truckload of opportunities apparently.

And Globe doesn’t just stick to European sports — they’ve got their fingers in all sorts of pies. From retail betting shops to online casinos, race tracks, lotteries, and more. All across Europe, the US, Latin America and even Down Under back here in Australia.

SCCG’s head Stephen Crystal also gave the partnership the big thumbs up. Says Globe’s experience and connections perfectly match SCCG’s goal to keep leading the way in gambling innovation. The possibilities here do seem exciting.

Globe’s already got quite the client list too, working with gambling companies big and small. From account management software to betting brokerages and pool betting products — they’ve covered a fair few bases already.

SCCG Management and Globe Gaming joining forces to take on the gambling world! They’ve got the know-how, the connections and the drive to make things happen.

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