Softswiss Enhances Platform with Livespins Integration for Elevated Experience

In a move to bolster engagement and betting metrics, Softswiss has successfully incorporated the social streaming platform, Livespins, into its own casino platform.

This innovative integration will offer players the unique ability to select a particular streamer from a casino site, and then place bets based on the outcome of that streamer’s game. Players have the liberty to join the gaming event by placing their own bets and choosing multiple spins.

Such a feature could revolutionize critical parameters including betting counts, user retention, and overall engagement. With flexible betting amounts, users can stake according to their comfort. Winning payouts are determined by the combination of the bet amount and the multiplier of the streamer.

With the Livespins feature, Softswiss intends to augment the social interaction between players and streamers, hence boosting overall user involvement. An added bonus is a chat application enabling players to interact with their preferred influencers and fellow gaming enthusiasts.

Moreover, Livespins will keep players consistently updated about live and upcoming streams, by providing real-time notifications about schedules and content.

Darya Avtukhovich, Head of the Softswiss Casino Platform, expressed her excitement: «Every enhancement we introduce to our flagship product is a testament to our commitment towards continual improvement. The Livespins integration aligns perfectly with our strategic vision of infusing gamification into our betting processes. This integration is our direct response to our partners’ requests, reflecting our dedication to cater to their needs.»