Spiffbet’s Gaming Division Now Under Million Games’ Umbrella

In a fresh turn of events, Million Games has successfully expanded its portfolio by acquiring Spiffbet’s game creation wing. This acquisition notably covers titles from Sthlm Gaming and Rhino Gaming, as well as other valuable assets.

When Spiffbet made its initial disclosure about the sale, it was mentioned that the ultimate purchase cost hinges on the performance of the transferred entity, with the upper limit being SEK 3.5m (equivalent to $326,889).

Shedding light on this decision, Spiffbet emphasized a shift in its operational focus. Their goal is now centered around championing their in-house casino platforms.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Thomas Nimstad, the CEO of Million Games, remarked, “This transition gives us an edge in the intensely competitive market. Besides fortifying our games collection, it accelerates our go-to-market timeline.”

Although the transition means Million Games now controls the studios and the game-making aspect, Spiffbet’s casinos will continue to feature these titles. Among the games that fans can anticipate are Perfect Catch, Ricky Riches, and the timeless Van Gogh. This move indeed diversifies the creative prowess of Million Games, known primarily for their iGaming offerings like video slots, table games, and crash games.

In his statement, Spiffbet’s CEO, Henrik Svensson, expressed confidence, “Having Million Games helm Sthlm Gaming ensures our creations soar higher. Both teams are driven by the ambition to craft engaging games. Leveraging Million Games’ vast industry network, we’re excited for our legacy to flourish and captivate players globally.”