Strive Gaming & Internet Vikings: Taking iGaming to the Next Level

As years pass by, Strive Gaming and Internet Vikings have been in the foreground of their iGaming industry expansion.

An authorization for its igaming and sports betting manufacturer license has been granted to Strive gaming. The latter took place recently after OpenBet led a funding round aimed at supporting Strive gaming’s expansion strategies across key online casino markets by 2024.

“We are very happy that our interim authorization for our igaming and sports wagering manufacturer licenses was given,” said Max Meltzer, CEO of Strive Gaming. This milestone demonstrates our commitment to regulatory compliance and enhances our ability to provide cutting-edge igaming and sports betting solutions.”

Alongside this, Internet Vikings which is famous for having authorized hosting solutions, extended its services into the new territories as it aims at capturing a parlor that feeds into online gaming. This growth is part of Internet Vikings’ strategy focused on increasing its coverage as well as responding to the growing demands of the market.

In these regions, Online gambling industry showed substantial growth over the past few months. Other reports indicate an increase in stakes by 33% during January 2024 signaling room for supplementary entrants into this market segment.

CEO and Founder of Internet Vikings, Rickard Vikström expressed “I am impressed by how effectively and fast the team got licenses for us. Given we are looking into 2024, there will be rapid penetration to other markets as they continue evolving according to the needs of our industry.”

Strive Gaming and Internet Vikings have kept their flag flying high in iGaming business to affirm their dedication to quality services and provision. Such companies have a good chance of exploiting emerging opportunities in the online gambling area that is not likely to contract any soon.